Residential Services

ATTC Lawn Care is fully insured through Cameron Insurance. A copy of our policy will be provided upon request.

Summer Mowing Visits

ATTC Lawn Care

  • Mowing grass - weekly
  • Weedeat - all areas needed
  • Steel blade edge - sidewalks and driveways
  • Blow off debris - driveways, sidewalks and porches / patios



  • Blow leaves and pick up debris from yard in winter (visits will be made in November and December once the leaves have fallen)

Flower Bed Mainenance

ATTC Lawn Care

  • Keep free of weeds and debris - pull during mowing months
  • Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed - two times year (as needed)
  • Re-mulch in Spring
  • Plant flowers in spring and fall - if applicable ( Begonias in summer / Pansy in fall )


ATTC Lawn Care

  • Start Up and shutdown sprinkler systems in spring and fall (any sprinkler heads broken during mowing process wil be fixed by ATTC)

Our Mission Statement

cross-of-christ-0101ATTC Lawn Care is committed to providing our customers with quality work, excellent customer service, and dependability in a timely manner. All things through Christ is our pledge of using faith in every area of our lives and business. We believe that our business will coincide with our faith and that God will be glorified through our work. We believe we can do all things through Christ who strengthens us. ~Philippians 4:13